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Adult Recognition Awards 2020

01 Aug 2020

Scouts Australia (SA Branch) would like to recognise the outstanding achievement and contributions to the Scouting Movement, of Leaders and Supporters of Scouting who have been awarded Adult Recognition Awards on 1 August.


Join Scouts 2020

10 Dec 2019

Vacancies exist for Scouting in 2020! Come and join in our adventure!


The adventure continues!

10 Dec 2019

Do you have the post AJ2019 Blues? There is plenty of adventure still to be found!


Blackwood Scout Group Section Programs

Download the current term's program of activities for each section below. 

All sections follow the Scout method that includes learning by doing, working in small groups and use of an Award Scheme (or participation badges for the Joey Section) Each section will also participate in camps, sleepovers, adventurous activities, outings, special visitors to the hall and District or Branch events.


Excursions might be to places such as a local aged care home to sing to the residents as part of our helping in the community, visits to the zoo to learn about animals, a trip to the beach to learn about sea creatures or a hike in the national park.

Camps and sleepovers are a great learning time for Joey Scouts who get the opportunity to sleep over at Scout Halls, dorms or tents. For some of the Joeys it will be their first experience camping - leaders will give plenty of support to Joeys and parents who are unsure about what to do or what to bring.

District and Branch events might be a disco, a camp or a celebration of an event such as Harmony Day. These events are a good way of making friends outside the regular mob meeting and of course, the more Joeys, the more fun!


Cub Scouts focus on fun with great activities all designed to help us learn, grow and have fun with our friends.

For examples of the sort of activities we might do, see Cub Scouts SA. These activities also help us work toward our achievement badges.


Blackwood Scouts choose and plan their own program in accordance with their goals and interests. If the Scouts have a particular interest in canoeing they might spend time on the river, or if they are working toward attending a Jamboree, they might spend some extra nights under canvas. Check out the Scouts web page to find out more about the Award Scheme and the requirements.

Bleden Venturers

Bleden Venturers is a joint unit between Blackwood and Eden Hills.The Venturer Program is self-guided with the Venturer Unit working together to make decisions about what adventures they will go on next with Adult Venturer Leaders providing guidance.

Ventures may find themselves camping on the snowline or exploring the depths of the ocean in Scuba gear. They might be giving back to the community by participating re-vegetating a national park or assisting with an Anzac Day parade. Find out more about Venturer Scouts